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Marshall on Marshall

Plugging dls into a Marshall?

Learn more about using your DLS MKIII with a Marshall amplifier.


thanks to the academy...

The Octapussy was included in the 2012 Premier Guitar Awards!



Echorec users have been making a slew of really great videos for this pedal.

Watch 'em.

Don't "fret" Strat users.

Howard demonstrates how the RAH can do way more than just Zeppelin.

Watch it...

Foundation anxiety?

Nick Jaffe's informative comparison will help you make a decision.

Watch it...

Sub-Octave Sweaters

Wayne Coyne, of the Flaming Lips, checks out the Catalinbread Perseus.

Watch it...
SFT and Mick Taylor

SFT, obviously.

Mick Taylor's pedalboard features a Catalinbread SFT to recreate his classic sounds.


Naga Vipers for Everyone!

Read the fantastic article by "The Tone Chef" on why you need a Catalinbread Naga Viper.

Read it...

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